Take the leap - make a change

 Take The Leap

People are not always happy with their present situation. The solution is right in front of our eyes – make the fateful change and escape the negative environment be it physical or mental. But making a change is something that can also be frightening.

Nothing great comes easy and fighting the initial fear and discomfort can lead to constructive development and opening of many new possibilities.

Sooner or later

Change is unavoidable – it is prone to happen sooner or later. Nothing stays the same forever so it is better if we take control over big life transitions.

Staying at the same place for too long can greatly diminish progress and create a mind-numbing state of “comfort”. However, striving for change even when we are not happy with our situation – education, surroundings, community, or employment can still be a challenge because getting out of what we are used will take effort and adjustment. Things get tricky when we feel the circumstances around us are affecting us negatively and change is becoming a necessity.

We all have a limited time granted on Earth and wasting it by adhering to something we would much rather get away from is simply put a waste of our lives. Resistance to change is in our nature but so is adapting and thriving. We just need a push to do it.

When we do not feel fulfilled or satisfied with our position and we know it is bringing us down more than it is lifting us up it is time to take action.

It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.

– Roy T. Bennett

Change is scary…

Realistically speaking we cannot avoid being challenged in life and having to make big or small changes once in a while – life is not a straight line. We cannot control that but what we can control is our attitude and perception of the phenomenon.

A good starting point to tackling the issue of whether or not we should take the leap is to be aware of what exactly is stopping us. It could be the aspect of uncertainty – getting away from what we know, even if we don’t like it, and diving straight into unfamiliar territory can be a daunting feeling. However, the unknown does not necessarily mean something scary. It is a possibility for development and new discoveries. Furthermore, things will certainly not get better by staying at the same place and changing nothing.

Concerns regarding the outcome can also be a setback for making change. It is true we cannot be sure how things will turn out but the results are mostly up to us – our commitment, hard work, and mindset. The fear of struggle, discomfort, and increased effort may be present but that is a normal price to pay for improving our wellbeing.

Staying at the same physical and mental place also guarantees some form of security – we have it and we won’t end up in cold waters as long as we stay there. But do we really want to be stuck in a place where our happiness and potential are being wasted just for the sake of illusionary comfort?

How do we do it?

Even when knowing that change is necessary and will most likely bring positive development in our lives it is still not easy to make this big jump away from what we are used to.

There are some key points good to keep in mind if we want to challenge the initial fear of change. Remembering the dissatisfaction, frustration, and lack of fulfillment with the way things are at the moment is a fine start. There is no bigger motivator than fully realizing we are not happy with the current situation and the change we talk about is a need, not just a whim.

A positive vision of the future is a good asset to acquire as well. Positive thinking never hurt anyone and it is much more beneficial to focus on the positive possibilities hiding in the unknown instead of anticipating and provoking negative ones.

Change also requires concrete steps for making the vision a reality. A solid (or at least a basic) plan of action can make results easier to achieve. It also helps reduce the anxiety and fear of doing something that will cause discomfort. Taking control of the things we can –  like our mindset and plan of action while approaching the things we cannot control with positivity and anticipation reduces the fear and makes change easier to commit to.

Change is good

A personal reinvention will undoubtedly bring inspiring freshness and new energy for development. Taking risks, challenging assumptions, beliefs, and pushing boundaries by trying out unfamiliar things are the most secure paths towards discovering new perspectives and reaching improvement on a personal and professional level. The only way to liberate ourselves from the dread of the old, unhappy life is to undertake the path to the new one.

Change does not have to (even though it can) happen suddenly or be a grand one. Gradual progress towards an improved lifestyle and mindset does the job just fine. The important part is breaking away from routines keeping us stuck in a loop of negative emotions and taking away our vitality.

Here is a quick list of some of the many benefits of taking the leap:

It will help us grow

The best way to develop is to challenge ourselves. It is unavoidable that we will learn new things and improve in one way or another. New situations require new solutions and a new approach which subsequently leads to a better understanding of the world and the people around us.

It will teach us to be flexible

Once we embrace change and make sure it is not something dangerous or negative the doors of future possibilities will open. The fear of change in the future will be lower once we see how many benefits it gives us and realizing it is not as scary as we thought initially.

It can shift our perspective

A change of environment, mindset, and lifestyle unavoidable challenges one’s perspective. A new setting will provoke us to think in a different way and try to understand other people better. Encountering new circumstances broadens horizons and requires seeing things in a different way than we are used to. New perspectives are part of the package.

It can help us discover our true selves, strengths, and weaknesses

When put in a challenging new situation we often face ourselves and reflect on our actions, thoughts, and identity. A thorough self-exploration is a likely result of taking the challenge of change. When we are faced with new tasks we have to look deeper into ourselves to find the strengths we can use to solve them. We also discover weaknesses and areas of improvement which makes us understand ourselves better.

It can build compassion

Feeling “too comfortable” in a certain situation can put us in a box where understanding others for their difference becomes harder. Change opens the eyes to how different we can all be depending on circumstances and increases empathy.

It can lead to other opportunities

We never know where a change in our current position can lead to. Embracing change is a chain reaction – one leads to another and possibilities are endless once we become open to them. Every chance we take creates a new possibility and a new path worth exploring.

Change > Fear

It is unacceptable to allow fear to stop our development. Even worse – allow it to keep us at a place we are not happy at. Change is not scary, it is necessary. Life is meant to be enjoyable and if our situation is not allowing us to taste this enjoyment it is high time to jump.

Take the leap - make a change

It’s been a long ride for me. It’s never easy to change your life and start to do something completely different. You always have a fight inside of you, telling you ‘why are you doing this? Why are you not keeping the stability that you have?” Those are questions I used to ask myself. ‘Why do you want to change?’ You are doing fine, making money, doing things you like… but I was still searching for something. Now, I honestly think I am doing the right thing. I am happier now. I really just want to be part of what we are doing here.

– Manu, Take 10 May 2019 Team

10 Benfits of Change

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Improved Flexibility
  3. Improvement (in a personal and professional aspect)
  4. Test and re-evaluation of life values and belief system
  5. Inspiration and motivation to achieve more – the snowball effect
  6. Strength – endurance, confidence, improved skillset
  7. Progress
  8. New opportunities
  9. Challenged routine
  10. New perspectives

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

– Lao Tzu

Take the leap - make a change

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