Sharing experiences from Malawi & Zambia

Marta from Spain, Alexis from Brazil and Corinne from Italy share their experiences from volunteering in Malawi and Zambia.
Marta speaks in Spanish, Alexis and Corinne in English.

First a presentation and then a Questions & Answers session.

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Pilar about the training

Having trained as a social educator Pilar was quite confident that she knew how to do deal with people in many different situations, but the intensive pre-service training programme took her by surprise.

Fatou’s reasons for joining

Fatou and her partner lived like “ordinary people” in Spain when they decided to try another lifestyle. Volunteering to support marginalised communities felt like the right thing to do. 

Inspirational postcards

Take a look at our series of inspirational postcards. 🙂 We made them to inspire people to think about reasons for why they should decide to become international volunteers.

Searching for something useful

After finishing her degree, Corinne searched for something where she could travel, experience different cultures, grow as a person and do something useful at the same time.