The Take 10 Volunteer programme partners with volunteer projects in southern Africa and India.



Project Work in
Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia
Guinea Bissau, Botswana or India


Project Work in
Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia,
Botswana, Guinea Bissau or India


After three months’ training at one of the learning centres, you are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to embark on the next stage of the journey.


Projects focus on farming, education and health

Together with members of your team, you are posted at  a project in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Guinea Bissau, Botswana or India. Usually, the volunteer projects focus on farming, education, health or sustainable energy.

The activists at the projects work with children, parents, farmers, teachers and local leaders. Furthermore, they liaise with national governments and international partners. The project partners work together to tackle the root causes of poverty, with the purpose of building sustainable and thriving communities.


Contact with the project prior to your departure

Before leaving for your volunteer project, you will have Skype meetings with the Project Leader to discuss the specific needs of the project. Together you will determine what your tasks and responsibilities as a volunteer will be.

The pre-project communication will act as your guidelines for the six month project period. Your tasks can be variety of activities, for example engaging with local farmers to increase food production or supporting income-generating activities. Your tasks can also include working with local activists to train teachers, plant trees or support local schools.


Spreading the word

During the volunteer period, you will also gather materials such as photos, film clips and interviews with the people that you meet. You will document activities at the project, and start to produce materials to spread the word about life in the local community.

You can make a newsletter, a radio broadcast, a podcast, a video, a multi-media project or other such products for the conclusion period in Europe.

Field work certification will be awarded by the volunteer projects.

Humana People to People’s  approach to development is centered around community mobilisation.

Community mobilisation

Humana People to People members work in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and have been implementing development projects for almost 40 years.

International Development Volunteers from the Take 10 Volunteer programme join Humana People to People projects for six months.

Humana People to People have developed and implemented a methodology that equips communities with the materials, knowledge and infrastructure to lift themselves out of poverty.

To date, participants from the learning centres have worked together with tens of thousands of people to learn new skills to farm, build homes, feed their families and educate their children.

Project partners

Project partners

DAPP Zambia
Take 10 months to study and volunteer abroad.
HPP India
DAPP Malawi
ADPP Guinea-Bissau