One month’s conclusion and
information period
in Europe


One month’s conclusion
and information
period in


Reflect. Evaluate. Share.

Following your six-month posting, you will return to the learning centre to digest your experiences. Reflecting on your volunteer experience is an important aspect of the programme. Your hard-earned experience is valuable knowledge that will be appreciated by others.

This final stage of the programme enables you to share your findings and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the work in the field. This allows for continual improvement of the programme, whilst ensuring you gain extensive understanding derived from the programme.

You will finalise the products and get ready to spread information to as many people as possible, thereby supporting and encouraging greater sustainable development efforts.

This wrap-up phase also provides you with additional skills and understanding to help you prepare for the next steps in your career.

Dear visitor

In these precarious times, we stay committed to extending our solidarity and support to marginalised communities who, once again, will bear the brunt of another worldwide crisis.

Right now, we are reassessing how we can do just that. We aim to start new teams in August. The world will need all good forces who are willing and able to do whatever is needed. Let’s unite and get to work as soon as possible.

Stay safe and best wishes!
The Take 10 Volunteer communications and admissions team