The first part of the course is based at one of the three learning centres in Denmark, UK or Norway.

Studies will include global affairs, political science, international and economic development.

Methods will include group and individual studies, lectures, investigations and discussions within a team.

You will also take part in practical projects and receive training to develop a variety of skills directly needed during the subsequent project period in Africa or India.

The school is run by staff and students together, and all daily chores are organised within this group.

The focus of the training period is to provide the framework that will give you the understanding, knowledge and variety of skills, including social and leadership skills, to make the project period a success for both you and the beneficiaries of the project.

These skills will also be useful in your future career.

Training Centres

DRH Lindersvold in Denmark

One World Institute in Norway

College for International Cooperation and Development in the UK