Take 10 Volunteer 2020

 Elena: All our plans were scrapped

Until the new worldwide crisis is resolved the Take 10 January 2020 Team is forced to wait with the development of their project. The team had just finished their three-month preparation when COVID-19 unexpectedly hit us and disturbed the normal course of life.


Part of the January Team decided to stay in Denmark while another part returned to their home countries. Everyone was forced to adapt to the new circumstances and try to make the best of the situation in some way. Today, we share our quick talk with Elena who returned to Spain but is eager to get back to the project period as soon as this is possible.  

How would you evaluate your preparation period?

My preparation period was quite good, even though the last month became harder to manage. The theory classes were getting more difficult to face and staying all day within the same walls was becoming a challenge.

I definitely learned a lot in Denmark, not just theoretical knowledge but also how to survive with the same people, the same environment, and the same things every day while keeping my mood up. I should also say that I have missed practical stuff and have worked a lot on that.

Despite the fact that these three months have been very difficult in so many ways, I feel really happy to have done this training. I am grateful for all the knowledge I got, improving my English, and for the new friends that I will keep close to me all my life.

How did the COVID-19 outbreak impact you and the project?

Due to the development with the COVID-19 crisis, absolutely everything has changed drastically. The programme is temporarily suspended and we don’t know when we will be able to go to Africa for our project period.

Moreover, everything in this regard is going to change – perhaps we will go to Africa but under different circumstances and conditions. We don’t know which country we will be dispatched to, the type of project, and so on. Everything we had planned is scrapped and we have to adjust to the situation.

What are you doing now after those changes to your project had to happen?

After the project was suspended I decided to go back home to Spain. Currently, I’m doing well, taking advantage of the time with mum and my dog. Appreciating the family time and trying to have fun. 

I’m studying English, doing exercise routines, painting, and trying to do small business with a friend in order to keep my mind busy and make this period feel like another normal stage of my life. 

What are your plans for the future and what do you intend to do when the crisis resolves?

For my near future, I will be trying to get my B2 certification as soon as I can. I plan to start my master degree in September of 2021, so I need this B2 if I want to be accepted.

After that, I will be ready for starting my volunteering project period in Africa. I really hope this crisis will be solved soon and it won’t greatly affect our neighbour continent Africa. I hope my team can go and finish our project after this is all over and I am looking forward to that.

Take 10 Volunteer 2020

Everything we had planned is scrapped and we have to adjust to the situation. I hope my team can go and finish our project after this is all over and I am looking forward to that.

– Elena, January 2020 Team

Take 10 volunteer 2020

Take 10 Volunteer Next Start Dates

The current situation makes it hard to say when the next Take 10 Volunteer Team is going to start but we have a rough estimate. See the starting dates.

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Giulia is taking one day at a time

Giulia is taking one day at a time

“Making plans right now is really difficult. The project in Guinea Bissau seems only temporarily suspended but making long-term forecasts is very difficult and not very productive. We will have to wait and see.”

Cristina: Ready & resilient

Cristina: Ready & resilient

Back in her home town Granada, Cristina has had time to reflect: “The world is paralysed now. Maybe the projects are going to change and therefore we need to be ready for that and be resilient facing the difficulties.”

Caro: We need to stop and think

Caro: We need to stop and think

“It is high time we started to think about how to protect our planet. We need to rethink globalisation completely and not just go back to the pre-crisis production model with overproduction and overconsumption.”

Andrea: Exploration & change

Andrea: Exploration & change

“I started this programme to change my life. I am still in that process of exploration and change. I have no idea who I will be after this is over or how the project work overseas will affect me or my future.”

Enric decided to stay in Denmark

Enric decided to stay in Denmark

“I am happy to continue to stay at DRH Lindersvold where I did my training. I still believe in an autonomous lifestyle based on my principles and I am happy to be able to continue with common projects in day-to-day life.”