An international development volunteer works alongside local activists.


Trained at OWI Norway, volunteered in India

I was living an average life in Hungary that was not so fulfilling.

Lack of self improvement and curiosity led me to look for something extraordinary. 

I found OWI Norway and the
whole concept was just for me.

The work of an international development volunteer can take on many shapes and forms.

What do you do now and what practical skills did you gain
from the volunteer programme to prepare you for this?

Being an international development volunteer was the right career move for me.

I am a team teacher at One World Institute volunteer program. It is difficult to list all the skills since I give all the experiences that I have gained during the program to my students now.

I see the Project Period as the most relevant experience. Working effectively in a multicultural environment prepared me the most for this role

I left a boring life to become an international development volunteer.

What would be an important moment, event, achievement or person you met during your time in the programme?

There are so many positive aspects of being an international development volunteer.

I am proud of the job that I have done in India in microfinance.

Particularly, the client assessment that I organised and carried out, interviewing 350 women living in rural areas.

Many people also played a very important role in my preparation. I have met influential people in the school and the project as well. Without knowing them I wouldn’t be the same as I am now.

Volunteering within the international development sector is very satisfying.

Has your work as an international development volunteer influenced your decisions for your future?

To volunteer abroad was an eye-opener for me.

Completely! I have decided to stay and work in the international development sector and so I became a team teacher to prepare international volunteers of the future.

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Trained at CICD Volunteered in Zambia

Trained at CICD Volunteered in Zambia

I used to be a manager and had “everything” but I was not happy at all. Missing a purpose in my life and not being proud of what I was doing, I needed something different, something new – a new life adventure.

Trained at DRH Volunteered in Malawi

Trained at DRH Volunteered in Malawi

I always wanted to do something good in the world, to make changes. It was my dream to go and make development work in Africa, plus travelling to another country for the training which was was interesting.

Trained at DRH Volunteered in Malawi

Trained at DRH Volunteered in Malawi

I worked all my life in social areas but I was fed up with people talking more than doing. I saw and heard a lot about Africa but nobody was going there. Then I found this programme and felt it would be good for me.