Africa and India COVID-19

 Families in Development

The International Day of Families is observed on the 15th of May every year. The Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 and reflects the importance the international community attaches to families.

Faced with the spread of the Corona virus, the local theme that has been devised to incorporate the 2020 International theme is: “FAMILIES IN DEVELOPMENT: Together combating COVID-19” 

Creating community development

DAPP in Zambia has been working in Zambia since 1990 targeting the less privileged rural communities by providing them with knowledge and skills. The organization has created structures in the rural communities that are able to facilitate the needed development in the rural areas, in 2017 DAPP Zambia worked with 23,791 families, in various aspects of community development raging from economical activities, sustainable agriculture practices, establishment of preschools, health and hygiene, water and sanitation in communities and in over 1500 rural schools throughout the years of the organization’s existence to mention but a few.

Installing tip-taps 

The year 2020 with COVID – 19 has brought uncertainties in the lives of the rural communities and this prompted the organization under the Child Aid program to focus more on activities that the rural communities should know to avoid catching the virus.  

One task is to stress the importance of families living in a healthy environment by encouraging families to set up cheap and affordable hand washing facilities at every household called tip-taps.

Ensuring that families receive accurate information

Another way to support families was the distribution of face masks under the Zambia Family project whose goal is to improve the care and resilience of vulnerable children by supporting, protecting, and strengthening the capacity of children, families and communities to the program participating families.

Sharing alerts from the Ministry of Health and from Disaster Management unit, on symptoms of COVID – 19 and what to do when one has those signs has also been an important task to undertake. With the activities the organization is bringing hope and strength in the participating families as they can see a true partner in DAPP Zambia in the rural communities of Zambia where DAPP is working from.

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Bracing for the pandemic

Bracing for the pandemic

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