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 Empowering women

Tina Whittington


Tina Whittington grew up in Manchester in the UK.

As a young woman, she trained to become a counsellor and worked with different initiatives that support vulnerable women. In the year 2000 shed decided to broaden her horizon and embarked on a new adventure: Training to become a Development Instructor in Denmark to join a Humana People to People project in Zambia: HOPE.

The HOPE project Tina worked at catered for children who had been orphaned because of the AIDS pandemic. After this experience, Tina decided to dedicate continue in this line of humanitarian work: Training volunteers and development instructors who work side by side with project leaders in the developing world. Empowering women is something she is passionate about.

Tina has been the principal at DRH Lindersvold since 2003.

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