Trained at DRH Lindersvold, volunteered in Malawi

I always wanted to do something good in the world, to make changes.

It was my dream to go and make development work in Africa, plus travelling to another country was interesting.

My volunteering experience in Malawi, where I was teaching, taught me so much about the power of education.
Why did you decide to study education?

What do you do now and what practical skills did you gain
from the volunteer programme to prepare you for this?

To be a volunteer teaching in Africa made a huge impact on me.

I am studying education at University. My studies include working with the community and with NGO programmes – being a pedagogue in the classroom and contributing to education outside the classroom.

I gained a lot of skills as an International Development Volunteer like working as a team, overcoming challenges, developing my English skills, practical skills through practical actions, and knowing about different cultures and respecting those different cultures has been important.

Organising time has meant a lot because it was a tool for getting things done. These broad skills are good foundations for what I am doing now.

The power of education in Africa is immense.

What would be an important moment, event, achievement or person you met during your time in the programme?

To volunteer teaching in Africa is the best thing I have ever done, so far.

Realising that although we were well prepared, the reality was different in Malawi and I had to adapt to that. One thing is having an idea and the other is dealing with the reality and that changed me as a person.

Whilst teaching in Malawi I also learned from the people and the studies and from the programme that taught the students to deal with their own reality. This helped them to empower themselves, to develop and transform themselves and their environment and do better.

Quality Education is one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Has your work as an international development volunteer influenced your decisions for your future?

I decided to study education after being a volunteer in Africa.

During the volunteer work in Malawi I found that education really makes a difference in the country, and in the world. That helped me to realise – also through my own studies – the power of education.

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Trained at DRH Volunteered in Malawi

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