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Volunteering is good for your career

Volunteering abroad allows you to travel, broaden your horizons and experience cultures and places that are completely different from your own – and provides you with valuable insights and personal skills.

Empowering women

Principal Tina Whittington talks about her experiences as a promoter of empowerment of women and social justice worldwide. What does it take to bring about change?

Kadam Step Up in India

Kadam means Step-Up and it gives children who dropped out of school another chance. Once out of school, they fall behind and have few possibilities to get an education. So what to do?

Non-traditional Teaching & Learning

The pedagogy at the learning centres is non-traditional. It aims at combining theory and practice, connecting closely to the reality, and promoting team work.

Winter Concert Camp

Challenges and surprises awaited the the January Team for their “Week X” – a week in the preparation period where the team must organise a sizeable event.

Social Justice · Peace & Progress

Our programme welcomes people of all colours, creeds and capabilities to work for peace and development on projects advancing social justice.

Malawi changed my life

Carla spent six months as a volunteer at a teacher training college in Malawi. The college aims to provide quality education – especially in the rural areas.

Valerio and the Pioneer Team

Valerio from Spain talks about his journey to join the first ever Take 10 Volunteer team in Denmark, and his experiences at the pioneer team.

Planet protection

We are fighting to protect the planet with all good people on mother Earth. We stand tall and strong together with all good people world-wide. The time is now.