Valerio and the Pioneer Team

The first ever Take 10 Volunteer team started in January 2019 at the learning centre DRH Lindersvold in Denmark. Valerio from Italy talks about his journey to join the team and experiences as a pioneer.


Count down

Last June I officially enrolled as a Take 10 Volunteer at DRH Lindersvold. Unfortunately, my program was starting only in January. Therefore, I decided to visit Lindersvold at the end of October, in order to get proper knowledge of the school and the people who are living in there. I was there for ten days and I found a very friendly environment and very nice people who raised my enthusiasm for the start of the program.

During those ten days, I even met three of my new teammates and we immediately got along so, when I left Lindersvold, I was sure that I would have had very good times with them. From then on, a countdown started in my mind; I couldn’t wait to go back to Denmark to start this new exciting adventure!


Getting to know each other

On 14 January 2019, I came back to the school, to start the new 10 months program as a pioneer.  I felt it like a new start and the first goal accomplishment because I have been waiting for it for so long! Once each member of the team arrived in the school, we immediately started to get know each other better, trying to find common interests and embracing our differences to grow together, both as individuals and as a team.

It has been easier than I thought, even if we are seven people with different backgrounds, coming from different countries: four from Italy, two from Spain and one from Brazil. We have been sticking together since the beginning, also because we had some nice activities to start knowing each other, such as the welcome party organised by the other teams in the school and a sports night when we played volleyball all together.


A  busy programme

The teachers did a very good job planning the courses and activities and the programme calendar is really helpful from this point of view. We have a very busy agenda which could feel a bit daunting, but we are studying some very interesting topics, which lead the team to have long conversations, during which every member of the team can share their knowledge and their way of perceiving the world.

The preparation period consists of 12 weeks of intensive programme where we learn about one topic per week through courses, individual studies and practical tasks.


Team building

In my opinion, the main importance of this first period has been team building.  If we are able to feel our team as a positive force, a way to enrich and empower ourselves, a trustworthy entity, then the programme will be smooth and fluent.

From this point of view, I think that we were pretty lucky. We spent the second week of our programme at the Tvind campus in Western Jutland, where we helped run a camp where we hosted the Winter Concert (an annual music event. It was a very nice experience, living and working with a lot of people from all around the world, having fun all together and strengthening our relationships.

Right now I am looking forward to the weeks to come and I can say that I was totally right about feeling excited about the start of this new program because it is a very good opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills, meet cool people and try to make the world a better place to live.

By Valerio from Italy
DRH Lindersvold
Take 10 Team
January 2019

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