Volunteer abroad and take 10 months to fight for sustainable development.

What we do


The Take 10 Volunteer – International Development Volunteer programme is an fast-paced, action-based programme. 

Volunteers prepare themselves for three months at a learning centre in Europe. After this training they travel to projects in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia or India. Here they work shoulder to shoulder with local activists for six months, in order to to create positive change.

Thus, this 10 month programme provides an opportunity for people from the global West and North to learn from, and volunteer with, community driven projects under the Humana People to People umbrella.

The projects promote development within the spheres of education, sustainable farming, child aid and mitigation of climate change.


Statement regarding the COVID19 Crisis

In these precarious times, we stay committed to extending our solidarity and support to marginalised communities who, once again, will bear the brunt of another worldwide crisis.

Right now, we are reassessing how we can do just that. We aim to start new teams in August. The world will need all good forces who are willing and able to do whatever is needed. Let’s unite and get to work as soon as possible. 

Stay safe!

Best wishes from

The Take 10 Volunteer communications and admissions team

The Learning Centres

Before going to the projects, volunteers prepare themselves for three months at one of the following learning centres: 

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College for International Cooperation and Development

ThIs learning centre is situated at Winestead Hall in Patrington, close to Hull in England.

CICD offers volunteering programmes abroad, focusing on development and climate change. It is a school for activists and students / volunteers come from all walks of life. Most of them are between 18 – 60 years old, and they come from all over the world.

CICD has since the start in 1998 trained and sent more than 1.200 Development Instructors (our name for volunteers) to projects in southern Africa and India. Here, they have supported projects and worked alongside local activists. Thus, they have worked on a variety of projects, where they have practised international solidarity and built bridges between peoples and cultures. 


DRH Lindersvold 

ThIs learning centre is situated in Faxe, Denmark, about one hour south of the capital Copenhagen.

DRH Lindersvold is a non-profit organisation that provides a non-formal teaching and learning environment for people, who above all, want to create positive change through development work. Consequently, we offer volunteer abroad programmes which emphasise a learning-by-doing approach and community living.

DRH is the acronym for The Travelling Folk High School in Danish.


Volunteer abroad, train for the experience in Norway, Denmark or the UK.

One World Institute 

ThIs learning centre is situated at a mountain top near Øyer in Norway.

Since 1995 One World Institute has offered a variety of social development programmes tackling the big issues of our time. Practical skills, social and cultural awareness are important elements of our programmes. Furthermore, focus on the individual students’ personal growth and development is something we cultivate.

The main topics studied at the learning centre are social and economic conditions in the developing countries, as well as in Europe. Furthermore, students study about people’s living conditions, and what the future demands from us in terms of protecting and developing both planet and people.


The Project Organisations

DAPP Zambia
Take 10 months to study and volunteer abroad.
DAPP Malawi
HPP India